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“When is it OK?” An illustration to share on Valentine’s Day

A quick post the share a recent illustration published in the Contra Costa Times, Oakland Tribune and a few days later in the San Jose Mercury News. In a newsroom you never know what project with a tight deadline will drop into your lap. Perhaps not the most romantic subject, but this one really strikes a chord on dating, secrets and disclosure. The illustration goes with a story about finding the right time to reveal to someone you are dating that you have a serious medical condition. Very tight turnaround, I kept the style sketchy and loose which really fit the emotional state of the man who is handing his date a rose, but is in conflict about when to reveal his secret and his fear that he will lose his chance at a relationship. From my early thumbnails I knew I wanted to keep the man in more black, white and blue tones. The hand over the mouth was a good way of handling the conflict of have a secret to be revealed…or not.

Chuck Todd illustration on when it is ok to disclose to your date a secet.

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